How To File Articles of Organization For Illinois LLC

Willing to file a domestic LLC in the state of Illinois? Don’t worry here is the guide that you are searching for. This webpage is dedicated to providing you all the information regarding articles of organization for Illinois LLC. You might think what are articles of organization right? Articles of the organization is a legal form that will help you to create your domestic LLC legally and officially in Illinois. It is part of the formation process of Illinois LLC. You can file this through the way of online or by mail. So, let us go forward and learn in-depth about the ways to file Illinois LLC.

How to File An LLC in Online

Online filing of articles of organization for Illinois LLC is available only for the LLC who are compiling with the following things. Once you comply with all the things below you can start filing online as per the steps mentioned below.

  • The company will use a general-purpose clause.
  • No later effective date will be there.
  • This article does not require any additional provisions.
  • The LLC must operate Indefinitely.
  • Not more than 8 managers must be needed.
  • Only one organizer must be there in the company.

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to visit the official website of the government. You must note that both the standard LLC and Series LLC has the same initial articles of organization for Illinois LLC that must be filled the thing that differs is only at the beginning where you have to include that which variation applies to your business.

Step 2: Here on the next step they will remind you regarding the aforementioned filing requirement for online application. There you have to click on yes and move forward.

Step 3: Now, at this stage, you have to provide the name of your LLC that you have selected. You have to make sure that the name is unique and differ from all the business in Illinois.

Step 4: On this step, you will get a reminder that as you have selected the online method your credit card will be charged and if the filing gets cancel due to any reason then you will get the charged amount back.

Step 5: At this step, you have to enter the principal address of your LLC including street address, city/country, and zip code.

Step 6: Here, at this point, you have to provide the information regarding the registered agent including the name, address, and the principal office of the registered agent. On the same page, you will get a view of the information entered so click continue and move further.

Step 7: Now, you will get a page where you have to describe the management of the LLC. On the same page, you have to provide the list of the members and manager including their first name, last name, address, city/state, and zip code.

Step 8: On this page, you have to provide your own details to confirm that the information provided is correct and accurate. Enter your name and address then click on the continue tab to proceed further.

Step 9: Now, at this stage, you will get a review of all the information that you have provided from the beginning of the filing process. If you find anything different or need to change then you can click on the edit tab shown on the above corner of that page. If all the information is found to be correct then click on next and move further.

Step 10: This is the last step of online filing in which you have to provide the payment details. At the top of the page, you will get an overview of the fees that you are required to pay. You have to enter the credit card details to pay the fees. Once you complete the payment your filing will be marked as completed. All your documents will be reviewed by the specialist at the secretary of the state office within 24 hours and if it is completed you will receive the approval mail.

Note: If you have filed for a series LLC then you have to submit a certificate of designation.

How To File an LLC Using PDF

Step 1: The first step for both the LLC is the same that is to download the form, either standard articles of organization or series articles of organization.

Step 2: Now, you have to fill the form that will ask you to provide the following information and it should be accurate.

Standard LLC & Series LLC

  • Name of the LLC
  • The principal address of LLC
  • The effective date of the article (filing date or later date) You have to specify if the date is applicable.
  • Name & address of the registered agent
  • Purpose of your LLC
  • Duration of LLC
  • Provision for the regulation of affairs within LLC
  • Name & address of each manager (if applicable)
  • Name & address of each member (if applicable)
  • Organizer’s name and address along with the signature of each one.

Step 3: Once you complete filling all the necessary details in articles of organization for Illinois LLC you have to print out all the documents. Now you have to pay the filing fees amounting to $500 for LLC or $750 for SLLC. You should make this payment through a check to the secretary of the state and mail all the documents to the below address.

  • Secretary of State
    Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division
    501 S. Second St., Rm. 351 Springfield, IL 62756

How To File Certificate of DesignationIllinois

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to download the pdf once you complete the filing of the articles of organization for Illinois LLC with the secretary of the state. Then start providing the following information in the form.

  • Name of LLC
  • Name of the state or country in which the LLC is organized.
  • Series name
  • Filing nature
  • Name and address of managers (if applicable)
  • Name and address of members (if applicable)
  • Date
  • Signature
  • Name and the title
  • If the applicant is a business entity then the name of the company

Step 2: Once you complete filling all the details you have to print the form out. Now, you have to provide the filing fees amounting to $50. You have to pay this fee through a money order or check made payable to the secretary of the state. Now, send all the things to the address provided below.

  • Secretary of State,
    Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division
    501 S. Second St., Rm. 351 Springfield, IL 62756

Note: It is necessary for series LLC to file the certificate of designation who wish to apply their business. You can complete this step only after completing the filing of articles of organization.